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July, 9th
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Paris Time Local Time Programme
08:15-08:30   WELCOME
08:30-09:30 16h30 - Brisbane
//Primary and Revision Shoulder Arthroplasty
What have we learned from our national registry?
Session organised by Ashish Gupta

Under the patronage of the Shoulder and Elbow Society of Australia (SESA)

10 years of Australian Joint Registry- What have we learned
Prof Ashish Gupta

RSA in under 55 year old - Prof Kenneth Cutbush

Pyrocarbon Hemiarthroplasty in the young - Australian Perspectiv
Prof Eugene EK

Case Discussion: Complex case of post instability arthritis in a young patient
Ashish Gupta, Jeff Hughes, Kenneth Cutbush, Eugene EK

Industry Session - VIMS

"Endo buttons fixation and specific guides for @ bone block fixation

Endo button and AC dislocation
Jean Kany

Endo button and bone block fixation in shoulder instability
Philippe Valenti

Philippe Valenti, Jean Kany
10:00-10:30 17h00 - Tokyo JAPAN
Under the patronage of the
Japan Shoulder Society (JSS)

//Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty
The new kid on the block in Japan
Session organised by Hiro Sugaya

Overview  Hiro Sugaya (Japan)

Small glenoid & humerus: how do we manage them?
Noboru Matsumura (Japan)

Humeral head autograft reconstruction for glenoid bone loss in reverse shoulder arthroplasty
Kotaro Yamakado (Japan)

Case Discussion
Hiro Sugaya, Noboru Matsumura, Kotaro Yamakado (Japan)
10:30-11:00 17h30 - Seoul REPUBLIC OF KOREA
//Acromial and spine fracture after RSA
Session organised by Jae Chul Yoo & Ys Kim

Under the patronage of Korean Shoulder Elbow Society (KSES)

Moderator: Jae Chul Yoo

Overview (Classification, Timing...) Chul-Hyun Cho MD

Risk Factors Jong Hun Ji MD

Treatments & Prognosis Doo-Sup Kim MD

Case presentation Jae Chul Yoo MD

Case presentation Yong Girl Rhee MD

Collaborative pre-op planification and surgery of a total stemless shoulder arthroplasty with mixed reality surgical assistant and an innovative glenoid positioning guide

Thomas Gregory, Dept of Orthopaedic Surgery, Avicenne University Hospital, Bobigny – France

Introduction and presentation of the content: true avatar live meeting with remote participants.

Part 1: pre-operative meeting with the loo-alike avatars of the remote participants sharing the same room and the same virtual objects.

Part 2: Stemless total shoulder surgery using the novel glenoid positioning guide assisted with the Head-Op App and the HoloLens 2 head-set.

Conclusions, acknowledgements.
11:30-12:20 17:30 - Beijing CHINA
//Management of failures after proximal humeral fracture treatment
Session organised by Chunyan Jiang

Under the patronage of the Chinese Shoulder and Elbow Society/AO Recon

Introduction & Overview literature: failed fracture treatment salvaged by shoulder arthroplasty
Simon Lambert

Presentation: Arthroplasty for infection Yiming Zhu

Presentation: Tuberosity management during fracture sequelae revision with arthroplasty Yi Lu

Presentation: Arthroplasty for failed fracture fixation: what do we do about subscapularis Ming Xiang

Case Presentations & Discussion Chunyan Jiang
12:20-13:00 13:20 - Kuwait MIDDLE EAST
//Management of Severe irreparable cuff tear in Middle East
Session organised by Ali Maqdes (Kuwait)

Under the patronage of the Saudi Orthopedic Association
& under the patronage of the Kuwait Orthopedic Society 
& under the patronage of the Israeli Shoulder and Elbow Society/ The Israeli Orthopedic Association
The Emirates Orthopeadic Society

Introduction/Overview of the literature
Naser Al Nisif (Kuwait)

RTSA versus Ballon in Cuff tear arthropathy 
Efi Kazum (Israel)

Case Discussions (moderators - Eran Maman (Israel) & Saeed Al Thani (UAE)
1st case : Dr Saad Al Qahtani (KSA)
2nd case : Dr Waseem Al Debeyan (KSA)
3rd case : Dr Fawaz Al Fahad (Kuwait)
Discussion:Nasser Al Qahtani (Saudi Arabia), Wassim Al Debeyan (Saudi Arabia), Saeed Al Thani (United Arab Emirates), Eram Maman (Israel), Dr. Yaron (Israel), Efi Kazum (Israel), Nasser Al Nisif (Kuwait), Fawaz Al Fahad (Kuwait)
13:00-13:25   INDUSTRY SESSION
Preoperative 3D planning for TSA
Preoperative planning with mediCAD® 3D Shoulder in shoulder arthroplasty. Simko Ali (Product manager)

4 different cases of TSA
13:30-14:20 17:00
Session organised by Ram CHIDAMBARAM

Under the patronage of the
Shoulder and Elbow Society of India

Place in India of RSA and  complex fracture of the humeral head
Session organized by Ram Chidambaram

Ram Chidambaram

Complications of Early Learning Curve
Raman Kant Agarwal 

Revision of Trauma Hemi to RSA: Tips
Ashish Babhulkar

RSA for fracture sequelae: Indian experience
Ram Chidambaram

Case presentation & discussion 
Ram Chidambaram, Ashish Babhulkar, Raman Kant Agarwal
14:20-15:20 LIVE SURGERY from Paris

Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty with full-wedge metallic augmentation
Surgeon : Markus Scheibel (Germany/Switzerland)
Moderation : Philipp Moroder (Germany)
Assistants: C. Dib (France) E. Kazum (France)


15:20-16.00 16h20 - Moscow EASTERN EUROPE
Polish Shoulder and Elbow Society

//Complications in reverse shoulder arthroplasty
Session organised by Oleg Milenin & Presmo Lubiatowski

Under the patronage of the
Polish Shoulder and Elbow Society
Under the patronage of ARTROMOST

Introduction/Overview of the literature
Przemyslaw Lubiatowski, Oleg Milenin

Infection of RSA
Olgar Birsel

Instability after reverse shoulder arthroplasty
Alexey Lychagin

Loosening and notching in RSA
Jeno Kiss

Case presentation
Bartlomiej Kordasiewicz, Maciej Kiciński

Case presentation
Maxim Makarov

Case presentation
Vadim Naidanov
16:00-17:00   SYMPOSIUM

Welcome & introduction
Olivier Verborgt (Belgium)

Patient selection & pre-operative plan
John Sperling (USA) & Olivier Verborgt (Belgium)

Surgical procedure: RSA using SignatureTM ONE Planner & Augmented Base Plate
John Sperling (USA) & Olivier Verborgt (Belgium)

John Sperling (USA) & Olivier Verborgt (Belgium)
17:00-18:00 LIVE SURGERY from Paris

Anatomic shoulder arthroplasty with cementless glenoid
Surgeon : Philippe Valenti (France)
Moderation : Jean-David Werthel (France)
Assistants: C. Dib (France) E. Kazum (France)

18:00-19:00 18:00 - Cape town SOUTH AFRICA
//Glenoid B2 - How to manage in 2021?
Session organised by Stephen Roche

Introduction to B2 glenoid and treatment options, Leon Rajah

Can we prevent B2 Glenoids occurring? Jean-Pierre du Plessis

Surgical planning tools and their reliability? Pududu Rachuene

Case presentation Osteocapsular release and Augmented Glenoid Anatomic Shoulder arthroplasty - Stephen Roche

Reverse Shoulder Arthoplasty, Planning and Bone grafting using 3D modelling. - Gerhard Greef

Case presentation: Anatomic Standard Shoulder arthroplasty with second case of Bone grafting - Basil Vrettos

Case presentation: Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty, Basil Vrettos

Custom Reverse Shoulder Replacement for Glenoid bone loss - Theo Rosch

Stephen Roche, Jean-Pierre du Plessis, Pududu Rachuene, Gerhard Greef, Basil Vrettos, Theo Rosch
//The journey of humeral head replacement – Where do we stand in 2021?
Session organised by Markus Scheibel & Philippe Valenti

The journey of humeral head replacement – Where do we stand in 2021?
The ideal humeral component – a review of the literature
Olivier Verborgt (Belgium)
Advantages and disadvantages of convertible stems
Karl Wieser (Switzerland)

Tips and tricks to revise a well-fixed humeral component
Philippe Valenti (France)

Case presentations and discussion
Markus Scheibel (Switzerland/Germany)

BLUEPRINT TM digital enabling technology for complex cases

B2 glenoid challenging case planning using BLUEPRINTTM
Lionel Neyton (France)

Lionel Neyton (France)

Revision case planning using BLUEPRINTTM
George Athwal (Canada)

George Athwal (Canada)

21:00-22:30   EUROPE
//The infected shoulder arthroplasty - Status quo
Session organised by Emilio Calvo

Under the patronage of the European Shoulder and Elbow Society
Overview / Introduction :
Emilio Calvo (Spain)

Diagnosis workout of the infected shoulder arthroplasty :
Philipp Moroder (Germany)

One-stage revision surgery for the infected shoulder arthroplasty :
Alexandre Lädermann (Switzerland)

Two-stages revision surgery for the infected shoulder arthroplasty :
Pascal Boileau (France)

3 Clinical cases :
Emilio Calvo (Spain), Philipp Moroder (Germany), Alexandre Lädermann (Switzerland), Pascal Boileau (France)
22:30-23:00   Shoulder3T
Philippe Valenti (France), Mohy Taha (France)

23:00-00:10 16:00 Quito, Ecuador
16:00 Bogota, Colombia
16:00 Mexico

17h00 San Juan,  Puerto Rico
17:00 Santiago, Chile

18:00 Basilia, Brazil

//Osteoarthritis with functional cuff - Which arthroplasty do you use ?
Session organised by Byron Torres

Under the patronage of the  Latin America Shoulder and Elbow Society (SLAHOC)

Introduction:  Shoulder OA with functional cuff Byron Torres (Ecuador)

Lecture: Technical Tips for total shoulder arthroplasty (Glenoid and humeral side) Marcio Cohen (Brazil)

Lecture: Stemless shoulder arthroplasty (Technique and clinical case) Alberto Rivera (Puerto Rico)

Clinical Cases: Anatomic TSA with interact rotator cuff
Mauricio Largacha (Colombia)
Osvandre Lech (Brazil), Alberto Rivera (Puerto Rico), Alejandro Novoa (Mexico)

Clinical Cases: RTSA with functional cuff 
Presenter: Alejandro Novoa (Mexico)
Claudio Moraga (Chile), Marcio Cohen (Brazil), Mauricio Largacha (Colombia)

Q & A and Conclusions Osvandre Lech (Brazil),Byron Torres (Ecuador)

00:10-00:40   Case Discussion  - Revision Shoulder Arthroplasty
Philippe Valenti, Markus Scheibel, Jean-David Werthel, Philipp Moroder
00:40-01:40 18h40 (July, 9th) - Toronto
15h40 (July, 9th) - Vancouver
//Arthritis in young patients: what kind of prosthesis do you prefer?
Session organised by George Athwal

Under the patronage of the Canadian Shoulder and Elbow Society

Moderator and Background George Athwal

The Role of Arthroscopic Debridement: Fact or Fiction Patrick Henry

Can We Predict Outcomes of Young OA Patients with Machine Learning? Ken Faber

Hemiarthroplasty: I Ain’t Dead Yet!  Dominique Rouleau

Stemmed TSA: An Oldie but a Goodie  Peter Lapner

Stemless: The Smaller the Better! Ryan Bicknell

What to do for the Glenoid: Poly, Metal, Augments?  Timothy Leroux

Discussion & Cases George Athwal
01:40-02:10    INDUSTRY SESSION - LimaCorporate

During this session, Dr. Russell Huffmann will present his clinical experience with our new SMR TT Augmented 360 Metal Back. Stay tuned to discover this new glenoid product and  the advantages of a streamlined surgical technique!

How Augmented Glenoids have changed my practice?
Dr G. Russell Huffman, MD, MPH
02:10-03:00 20h10 - New-York
17h30 - San Francisco
//Glenoid and humeral loosening - Successful strategies from North America
Session organised by Mark Frankle

Overview of bone loss in reverse shoulder arthroplasty Mark Frankle

A patient-specific glenoid component vrs for severe bone loss in RSA David Dines

Humeral bone loss Joaquin Sanchez-Sotelo

Glenoid bond loss Gerald Williams

Soft tissue loss George Athwal


RTSA and complex proximal humeral fracture

Review of literature of RTSA and complex proximal humeral fracture
Jean-David Werthel

Tips and tricks to implant a RSA
Philippe Valenti

How to revise the failed fracture hemiarthroplasty?
Philipp Moroder

Clinical Discussion
Philippe Valenti, Markus Scheibel, Philipp Moroder, Jean-David Werthel
03:40-05:30   Award Session - The best relive surgery
& Case Discussion & Video Demonstrations

Session organised by Philippe Valenti/Markus Scheibel
05:30-05:55 15h30 - Auckland NEW ZEALAND
//Cemented vs. uncemented glenoid fixation in total shoulder arthroplasty for osteoarthritis: a New Zealand Joint Registry study
Session organised by Marc Hirner

Under the patronage of the New Zealand Shoulder Elbow Society (NZSES)

Metal backed glenoids in total shoulder arthroplasty – Literature Review
Paul Sharplin

Cemented vs Uncemented glenoid fixation in total shoulder arthroplasty for osteoarthritis in New Zealand
Marc Hirner (Paul Sharplin, Chris Frampton)

The outcomes of a primary reverse shoulder arthroplasty compared with a failed TSA revised to a reverse shoulder arthroplasty in New Zealand
Jessica Mowbray (Marc Hirner, Mike van Niekerk, Chris Frampton)

An analysis of the Oxford Shoulder Score and its relationship to early joint revision in New Zealand
Vikesh Gupta (Ritwick Kerjwal, Chris Frampton)

Metal backed Glenoid Failures - Case based and survivorship discussion
Alex Malone
05:55-06:00   Closing session
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Philippe Valenti

Philippe Valenti

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Philippe Valenti

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